All versions of MOJO 2: Horn Section purchased before 6/3/21 require the following update. Our team spent the past year developing new features and overhauling existing ones, taking the best horn library on the market and making it even better! In our process, we listened to your feedback to make Mojo 2 even more realistic, powerful, and versatile. We also took the liberty to include some new features we thought would make this library peerless. We hope you enjoy the premier horn section of the decade.

Here's a few update highlights: 

  • All samples remixed
  • Two new legato modes
  • Natural
  • Octave run
  • Legato modes added to Stabs and Crescendos 
  • Improved regular legato mode
  • Four new muted instruments
    • Muted Flugelhorn
    • Muted Piccolo trumpet
    • Muted Bass trombone
    • Muted French horn
  • New flutter tongue articulation
  • Improved simulated vibrato
  • New wah effect for muted instruments
  • New trill samples
  • Minor 2nd to major 3rd

Check out our 2.0 Update Overview Video to learn more! 

Follow these simple steps to update:

  1. Download MOJO 2 2.0 from Registered Products in your Big Fish Audio account
  2. Delete your existing MOJO 2 Horn Section library folder and replace with the “MOJO 2 Horn Section 2.0” library folder
  3. Log in to Native Access to relocate the MOJO 2 2.0 library folder

To visit the MOJO 2 product page and view tutorials, walkthrough videos, and more, go to