If you have tried installing REX files into Stylus RMX using the RMX Installer (Big Fish Audio branded products ONLY), but have received an error message, you need to update your Rex Folder Permissions. To update your rex folder Permissions, please follow the steps below.

1. Download the SetRexFolderPermissions.zip file
2. Extract the zip
3. Double-click the SetRexFolderPermissions.command file
4. Terminal will open
5. Enter your computer password and press return
6. **NOTE** when entering your password you may not see any characters generated, that is ok.

If you have already tried fixing your permissions using the SetRexFolderPermissions.zip file but are still experiencing issues with the RMX Installer, you should try installing the files into Stylus RMX using Spectrasonic’s Sage Converter which is the standard converter/installer used for Stylus RMX.

Here is a Video Tutorial to show you exactly how the Sage Converter works.